About Us

The Marsel Brothers Company was founded in 1947 by the late brothers Shimon and Moshe Marsel.
They came to Israel from Europe and acquired knowledge in the field of sausage and meat production at the British company "Spins", which supplied meat and its products to the British army in the Middle East.
In 1974, the second generation joined the company.
They increased the capacity of the factory and the range of its products through knowledge acquired abroad.
Today the factory employs about 50 workers and produces a wide range of meat and sausage products.
The plant's managers make sure to keep up to date with the renewal of the meat industry in the world, and also employ a food engineer who puts the factory into the best innovations in the production processes.
The plant also employs a close-knit veterinary doctor who personally supervises the production and the course of its flow.
The plant's quality control management system meets HACCP's stringent requirements.
Marketing is done directly to delicacies, restaurants, kibbutzim, institutions, hotels, individuals and factory outlets scattered throughout the country.
The meat is transported in refrigerated vehicles to maintain the quality of the marketed meats.
Direct marketing saves on brokerage expenses and the consumer gets quality, tasty and fresh products at a competitive price.
The personal and direct contact with the consumer violates the role roles in the factory and receiving feedback from the company's customers contributes to the improvement of the product and the creation of a variety of pleasing flavors to the palate of the variety of customers at all levels.

Why Us ?

HACCP Certified

Temperature controlled

Under veterinary supervision

Fresh and quality meat